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La Touch Face and Body is located in the Mall, Cromwell. We offer a variety of Beauty Therapy treatments designed for men and women. Face, body and mind are treated by professional therapists with that special touch. Together with our variety of treatments, you will find only carefully selected and proven products used and for you to purchase at La Touch Face and Body.



The Natalie Group is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of natural skin and body care, home fragrance, spa and well being products, aromotherapy and essential oils. Resulting from extensive scientific resarch, cutting edge technology adn the selection of the best natural ingredients, all NAT. products are derived from pure plant essences that carry with them the incredible powers that only nature can provide. The range has been specifically designed to restore balance, beauty, health and wellness.

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Institut' DERMed products are serious cosmeceutical treatments that have helped thousands of individuals with mild to severe conditions take control of their skin when nothing else would work. Our exclusive product formulations are designed by a network of top scientists in the field of chemistry and molecular biology using the latest ingredients and delivery systems. Institut' DERMed doesn't just private label a mass produced product, we control all of our processes, mixing only in small batches and filling with our own equipment to insure freshness without chemical preservatives.

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Wendy Hill Makeup is New Zealand’s leading professional makeup and a favourite of New Zealand beauty therapists. The collection is designed for outstanding photographic results as well as everyday wear. Products have an enduring performance factor, which means your makeup will last and continue to look great under even the toughest conditions. It is created from superior, healthy, skin friendly ingredients making it great for even the most sensitive skin. It is the only professional makeup collection conceived and created by a leading New Zealand makeup artist specifically for New Zealand’s women, and to compliment New Zealand’s unique and beautiful natural global light. Perfect for every women!

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Always the pioneer and trend setter nail care brand, since 30 years ago when Orly founder Jeff Pink developed the “Original French Manicure”. Up until today Orly has been creating products not only to beautify but also strengthen and repair. Including 25 treatments and 120 shades, Orly has a complete line including base and top coats, strengtheners, quick dry agents, cuticle core products and deluxe treatments for hands and feet.

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An outstanding Australian line, made specifically for Australia and New Zealand conditions. All Fleur de Mer sunblocks have and SPF 30+ broad spectrum which classifies them as “very high” protection suncscreens. With regular use they can aid in the prevention of premature aging and may also help to reduce the risk of some skin cancers. Fleur de Mer SPF 50+ sunblocks are available in clear with vitamin E and 3 foundation shades, Light, Soft Medium and Medium.

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